Links roundup for week ending 26th September

Cupidtino – A dating site for people who love Apple. It feels like it should be a joke…

Why people sketch – a nice summary from Jared Spool.

Go retro with an Etch-a-Sketch iPad cover.

How some hotels are offering customers the option to access their room using their Smartphone. Great idea until your battery runs out and you can’t get into your room to charge it.

Article on the importance of interface design in creating a brand experience.

Fascinating blog post shared by @gaijinstu on the first hand account of a blind person using an iPhone and how it has changed their life.

I came across this idea for handling annoying CAPTCHAs. Brands are looking at getting users to type in a brand slogan instead of random letters.  As we’re more likely to commit to something that we write down, I like the potential this has to reinforce brand values.


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