Customer expectation graphs

Inspired by Vonnegut's story graphs, I've created some graphs demonstrating different types of  experience when signing up to a new service. The graphs show expectations set by marketing prior to becoming a customer and the ensuing impact on their satisfaction based on the actual service. The dotted black line in each graph represents the point… Continue reading Customer expectation graphs


Grow a strong brand by setting the right expectations of your customer experience

The experience a customer has with a brand and a product can outweigh any of their preconceptions based on marketing. In the same way that a flawed checkout process in an ecommerce site can lose potential conversions wasting investment made higher up the funnel, a business that runs expensive brand and ATL campaigns then delivers… Continue reading Grow a strong brand by setting the right expectations of your customer experience

Storytelling using parallax scrolling

I have been collating some examples of storytelling that take advantage of parallax scrolling. News sites, notably The New York Times and The Guardian have experimented with this technique, creating personal stories that weave stunning imagery, video and copy into an interactive story. The scrolling interaction gradually exposes more of the story, revealing video, audio… Continue reading Storytelling using parallax scrolling