Mobile websites should be more than just the basics

I get tired of coming across a decent mobile site only to find that I have to use the desktop version to do what I intended. We should stop accepting ‘best practice’ as an argument for stripping back mobile websites to just the basics of their desktop counterparts. The screen isn’t the optimum size but… Continue reading Mobile websites should be more than just the basics

TV viewing as an interactive, social experience

Watching TV is often described as a passive experience, yet there is a strong social element to it and the increase in smart phones and tablets in the home offers new opportunities for TV viewing. Discussing what you watched the night before with friends and colleagues is a common behaviour and this has become enhanced… Continue reading TV viewing as an interactive, social experience

Social check-in apps – what’s out there

There are a variety of specialist apps now available that allow users to 'check-in' to what they are doing and where. This trend has moved beyond simply checking into a location and can now be combined with a variety of other activities, each with varying benefits and social implications. 1) Location check-in Let people know… Continue reading Social check-in apps – what’s out there

Why do people use location based apps?

Foursquare, the most popular location based app, hit the 1million user mark this week, in half the time it took Twitter. Other location apps are also rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly Gowalla and Brightkite. Why do people use these apps? An initial glance would glean no obvious benefit from telling people where you are. In… Continue reading Why do people use location based apps?