This section shows a selection of my work. Please contact me at for a password if you would like to access the projects.

Turnbull and Asser e-commerce website

I led the user experience work on this fast-paced project, to redesign the e-commerce website for the 130 year old shirtmaker, Turnbull & Asser. View >

RSPB website redesign

A hands-on role, leading the UX work and strategic vision on a project to redesign the RSPB website, the largest conservation charity in Europe with over 1 million members. View >

UBS Financial Intermediaries workshop

I led a workshop alongside a Strategist with the Financial Intermediaries team at UBS to help them understand their customers and identify opportunities to improve their marketing. View >

Hoxton Street Monster Supply Store e-commerce website

This was a pro bono project for the children’s charity Ministry of Stories to create a new e-Commerce site for their store in Hoxton. View >

Virgin Atlantic website redesign

This was a two year old project when I joined the team to redesign the Virgin Atlantic website. I integrated into a large agile team and led the user experience work to complete the Manage my Booking and Checkout processes. View >

Lloyds TSB public website redesign

I led the user experience work in the redesign project for Lloyds TSB’s retail website for over a year, overseeing the work of other Experience Architects, running client workshops and assuring the quality of the user experience deliverables as part of a multi-discipline team. View >

Lloyds TSB mortgage journey

Working independently with the Lloyds TSB internal technical team, I helped to show the importance of considering other channels when implementing even small changes to a service. In this instance, tracking mortgage applications through Internet Banking. View >

Ted Baker e-commerce website redesign

I led the user experience work-stream on the redesign of the Ted Baker global website, creating a user-friendly purchase experience whilst also offering inspiring and persuasive content, all imbued with the quirkiness that defines the brand. View >

Google projects

I’ve worked on several projects for Google including the strategic vision, experience and content strategy for the Solve for X website and a project in partnership with Comic Relief to host comedy events through Google Hangouts.

Mulberry e-commerce website redesign

I joined the team in the latter stages of the project to refine and enhance the checkout process.

EE projects

I’ve been involved in various campaigns over the last 4 years for the mobile phone network EE, including their annual BAFTAs sponsorship campaign and EE Wembley Cup.

Peroni mobile app

Working in a small multi-discipline team, I designed the user experience for a Peroni mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms. View >

Virgin mobile app

This was a short project to integrate a spreadsheet of flight data into an existing Virgin Atlantic iPhone app. Using user journeys I was able to understand how the information could be valuable to users and subsequently designed the Arrivals and Departures sections. View >

Blinds Supermarket e-commerce site

This was a short project to redesign the blind configuration and checkout process on a made-to-measure blinds e-commerce website. User testing showed that most users were unfamiliar with both blind types and the components they could customise. The redesign resulted in a shortened, more visual and interactive process with minimal technical jargon. View >

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