Take your friends with you everywhere – the social benefits of ‘checking-in’

The prospect of offers and discounts from venues is reguarly cited as being the main incentive to 'checking-in' to services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places. However, there are various social benefits that are emerging as key reasons for checking-in, and this is arguably why there are people repeatedly checking into venues that do not reward… Continue reading Take your friends with you everywhere – the social benefits of ‘checking-in’

TV viewing as an interactive, social experience

Watching TV is often described as a passive experience, yet there is a strong social element to it and the increase in smart phones and tablets in the home offers new opportunities for TV viewing. Discussing what you watched the night before with friends and colleagues is a common behaviour and this has become enhanced… Continue reading TV viewing as an interactive, social experience

Social check-in apps – what’s out there

There are a variety of specialist apps now available that allow users to 'check-in' to what they are doing and where. This trend has moved beyond simply checking into a location and can now be combined with a variety of other activities, each with varying benefits and social implications. 1) Location check-in Let people know… Continue reading Social check-in apps – what’s out there

5 innovative Facebook campaigns

1) Toyota (US) - Autobiographies campaign Toyota launched a competition to get their fans to submit videos of themselves talking about their car (auto-biographies). Toyota then edited the videos into short clips and dropped them into their Facebook ads. The campaign was supported with TV, print ads, a homepage takeover and YouTube channel. Reported results… Continue reading 5 innovative Facebook campaigns

NikeGrid – a unique brand experience for London’s runners

NikeGrid has cleverly mixed numerous channels to create a unique brand experience for London's runners over 2 weeks. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Nike created a game board out of the map of London, breaking it into a grid of 48 postcodes with four phone booths in each connected to the game. Runners played… Continue reading NikeGrid – a unique brand experience for London’s runners