The end of books?

I took part in a slightly off-topic discussion about books last night at the Northern User Experience group meeting. It digressed onto the question, will e-readers ever replace books?It started with the idea of people printing documents from their computers in order to reduce eyestrain caused by reading from a monitor, or to read in… Continue reading The end of books?

15 Reasons why having a cold and being on holiday isn’t so bad.

Ok, so it's the middle of the night, I can't sleep because I have a cold. I've not done any of the things I wanted to do this week. It truly sucks ass and could easily be one of the worst holidays ever. I've been in bed for 2.5 days now and I'm not much… Continue reading 15 Reasons why having a cold and being on holiday isn’t so bad.

The Content Renaissance

Social media, social networking, online communities, web 2.0 (the list of buzzwords and phrases go on and on) are hailed as the future of the web, moving people to communicate and socialise in new ways and have opened the doors to democratising knowledge and news across the world. But how new is this really? I… Continue reading The Content Renaissance

Supermarket shoppers and Muller yoghurts

People become interesting when in supermarkets. What they put in their trolleys is a reflection of who they are (I like to think). While I'm shopping, I'm also weighing up what my trolley says about me - last night I had chillies, ginger, onion, spinach, chapatis, tomatoes, free range eggs and semi skimmed milk and… Continue reading Supermarket shoppers and Muller yoghurts