TV viewing as an interactive, social experience

Watching TV is often described as a passive experience, yet there is a strong social element to it and the increase in smart phones and tablets in the home offers new opportunities for TV viewing. Discussing what you watched the night before with friends and colleagues is a common behaviour and this has become enhanced… Continue reading TV viewing as an interactive, social experience


Pelican vs Puffin crossings

More and more pelican crossings are changing to puffin crossings - this is supposed to be for increased safety but I think the problems with puffin crossings far outweight those of pelican. The difference between the two is that pelican crossing show the red and green men on the opposite side of the road. Puffin… Continue reading Pelican vs Puffin crossings

Sales techniques of Cambodian children

Having recently returned from a holiday in Cambodia, I'm amazed at the advanced selling techniques of the children there.Over half the Cambodian population are under the age of 16 and many of them spend their days working in the tourist industry - selling bottles of water, books, bracelets etc. Here are some of the techniques… Continue reading Sales techniques of Cambodian children

My thoughts on the DNA database

I'm dismayed at the short-sightedness of people claiming that 'they have nothing to hide', why wouldn't they want their DNA stored on a database? I've seen posts on the bbc site and this article on the Guardian site. I can think of several reasons we shouldn't approve of this. Our government's track record at keeping… Continue reading My thoughts on the DNA database