Brand Perfect Tour – Notes on ‘Successful Strategies for Digital Media’ talk

My notes on the talk given by Neil Christie, MD of Wieden + Kennedy at Creative Review's 'Brand Perfect Tour' conference. The talk describes how successful brand communication is no longer about consistency but 'coherence' and the most successful campaigns are flexible, device neutral ideas that tap into emerging behavioural trends and encourage people to… Continue reading Brand Perfect Tour – Notes on ‘Successful Strategies for Digital Media’ talk

Social check-in apps – what’s out there

There are a variety of specialist apps now available that allow users to 'check-in' to what they are doing and where. This trend has moved beyond simply checking into a location and can now be combined with a variety of other activities, each with varying benefits and social implications. 1) Location check-in Let people know… Continue reading Social check-in apps – what’s out there

5 innovative Facebook campaigns

1) Toyota (US) - Autobiographies campaign Toyota launched a competition to get their fans to submit videos of themselves talking about their car (auto-biographies). Toyota then edited the videos into short clips and dropped them into their Facebook ads. The campaign was supported with TV, print ads, a homepage takeover and YouTube channel. Reported results… Continue reading 5 innovative Facebook campaigns

The White Goat of Spitalfields

This appeared not so long ago outside Spitalfields Market.  I Goat by Kenny Hunter is the winning sculpture in the Spitalfields Sculpture Prize 2010 and is now a permament feature. I like him - he looks solitary and majestic up there and his immaculate white skin offers a pleasant contrast to the plethora of colours… Continue reading The White Goat of Spitalfields