5 innovative Facebook campaigns

1) Toyota (US) – Autobiographies campaign

Toyota launched a competition to get their fans to submit videos of themselves talking about their car (auto-biographies). Toyota then edited the videos into short clips and dropped them into their Facebook ads. The campaign was supported with TV, print ads, a homepage takeover and YouTube channel.

Reported results were that total visitors to the Facebook page came to 147,388 with  13,180 stories submitted. They also gained over 50k ‘likes’ in the first 2 months (twice the normal rate).

2) BT – Adam and Jane’s Wedding

This is a  campaign tied to the wedding of Adam and Jane, a highlight of the 6 year long story of their relationship told through the BT TV adverts.  The story and TV ads were integrated with a Facebook page where they gave fans control over different aspects of the wedding – fans could vote on the dress Jane would wear, the wedding car, the song for their first dance etc. They supported this with Facebook polling ads while the TV ads directed people to Facebook to vote.

There are no official results as yet but the Facebook page has 57,239 ‘likes’ to date.

3) Heinz

Heinz are running a campaign among their Facebook fans to exclusively sell 3000 bottles of a limited edition flavour of ketchup directly through their Facebook page before they hit the supermarket shelves.  With an average of 130 friends each, it is a cost effective method of promoting a new product and expanding their audience.

It’s unclear how successful the campaign as been yet but the Facebook page is still selling the limited edition flavour – either they’ve not sold 3000 or have decided to continue selling them through this method anyway.

4) Coca-Cola Village

The Coca-Cola village is an annual summer event in Israel aimed at teenagers. Teenagers registered to go via Facebook. On arrival, they were given wristbands that contained RFID tags that could be swiped at the start of activities to update their status, automatically ‘like’ activities and tag photos. 650 teenagers attended who generated over 35,000 Facebook posts every day of the event.

5) GM

GM have built technology into their cars that will, on voice activato, read out the customer’s Facebook news feed while they are driving.


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