World Usability Day exercise – Extend Rough Trade’s service offer

As part of the World Usability Day, the LBi EA dept split into 3 groups to answer different usability related briefs in 2 hours. Our group was tasked with going to Rough Trade to come up with ideas for service extensions and enhancements. Rough Trade is a record label and store selling records, cds, clothes and coffee. The Smiths, The Strokes, Jarvis Cocker and The XX are signed to Rough Trade’s label.

Our extension idea was to create a Rough Trade Travel Service under the strap line ‘discover the undiscovered’ (cheesy, we know). Rough Trade could organise group trips and parties in famous (and obscure) music locations around the world, such as to the Villa Nellcôte in the South of France where the Rolling Stones recorded Exile on Main St, or to meet new musicians recently signed to the label. The trips would be exclusive – the groups would be limited in size and would feel like one off, not to be missed occasions. A pop up photo booth like the one in-store would be taken on each trip to record the people who were there. The pictures would be shared on the website and across social networks to give those on the trip the kudos of being one of the few that were there.

This fits with the current Rough Trade audience who could be described as ‘musician geeks’. They like the tangible aspects of music, preferring analogue, going in-store to buy records rather than downloading digital copies. Physically taking them to music locations creates a new experience based on these values.  Rough Trade already cater for this audience by providing a tactile experience in-store with listening stands, a demo booth, a photo booth etc. Everything is touchable and personal. Even the logo looks stenciled and handmade. There is also a strong draw in both audience and brand towards being the first to discover something and the notion of exclusivity this brings. Rough Trade Travel is a service extension based on these audience traits and the Rough Trade brand.


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