Link roundup for week ending 12th Sept 2010

Blacktop is a new app that uses your Foursquare and Facebook check-ins to create ‘trips’ that you can share with your friends.  It’s apps like this that will start to give Foursquare more value and create new reason to use it.

I loved the IKEA  ‘herding cats’ video that’s currently going viral supported by a YouTube channel, IKEACats and a Facebook fan page.  This comes just one week after the notorious and inexplicable cat bin lady incident…Was this IKEA setting up the nation on the side of the cat before launching their cat loving campaign?! If not, it’s certainly a beneficial coincidence.

I’m following the slow burning trend on the Internet of Things and liked this example of how a tennis racquet can be meaningfully connected to the internet and part of a social network.

Here’s a creepy use of augmented reality by Aphex Twin. Using facial recognition they mapped their distorted, grinning face over the people in the crowd during a live performance at LED Festival.

A friend introduced me to Faces iMake, a creative app aimed at kids (but proving popular with adults too) that allows you to create faces using household objects and food. A catchy jingle, easy to use interface and quirky illustrations make this an enjoyable and endearing.


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