My thoughts on the DNA database

I’m dismayed at the short-sightedness of people claiming that ‘they have nothing to hide’, why wouldn’t they want their DNA stored on a database? I’ve seen posts on the bbc site and this article on the Guardian site.

I can think of several reasons we shouldn’t approve of this. Our government’s track record at keeping confidential information confidential is pretty poor. Ok, so they probably have information on me anyway but not my genetic makeup.

Let DNA get into the wrong hands and it could be used for any number of unethical purposes. Imagine if your DNA shows you are predisposed towards a serious illness in old age – what if they decide not to provide health care for this illness?

What if your DNA shows you are distantly fromUzbekistan descent and decides to forcibly deport everyone of Uzbekistan descent? Sound ridiculous now, but once the database exists it is available for any subsequent government to make use of. If the BNP ever took over…not so ridiculous!

I admit the database has proved essential in convicting people of serious crimes but I’d rather they were left unpunished and our future human rights are protected.


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