New Year, new tv ads

It’s the new year and if we are to believe the tv ads, it’s time to buy a new sofa and join Weight Watchers.

Standing out among the array of furniture sale ads is the new advert. They’ve come up with a clever campaign involving a meerkat who owns the site complaining that he’s tired of getting people looking for car insurance quotes rather than for meerkat comparisons! Aside from being entertaining, it makes it very clear what their website name is and what they do and stands out from the clutter of other comparison site ads. I love it.

The only charity ad to survive the Christmas charity extravaganza of tv ads is this one for the NSPCC:
This ad has been going for years on heavy rotation and frankly, I’m sick of it. I wish they’d spend some of their ¬£2’s on making a new ad, and one that tells me what they actually do that’s different to social services rather than just begging for money.

What happened to Coca Cola at Christmas? I didn’t see one tv ad. Christmas isn’t quite the same without their festive ads. They seem to have opted for a poster campaign instead. I’d be interested to see how the two formats compare on effectiveness.


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