The weird and wonderful world of David Lynch online

I stumbled across this site and thought it was worth a blog post. It’s David Lynch’s website and it’s as odd and random as you would expect.

There’s a daily video weather report given by Lynch himself – it’s the weather outside his window in LA, so completely pointless but intriguing all the same, if only for his hair.

Then there’s the literal representation of an item being added to the shopping cart. And the literal representation of the log in page which will have resonance with fans of Twin Peaks :

Like his films, the more I look, the more I notice. The navigation, for example, is a feature of the site rather than just a method of moving from a to b. Take a look at the coffee cup page to see what I mean. The navigation is a map but also a coffee mug, I think.

There’s a bizarre mixture of the serious and silly. After a while, you start questioning if the serious parts are actually serious or if the silly parts are quite as silly as you initially thought.

In summary, it’s simple on the surface and technically not worth mentioning but scratch the surface and you can’t help but stop and look and possibly buy. Plus it screams David Lynch so a successful online experience I would say.

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