15 Reasons why having a cold and being on holiday isn’t so bad.

Ok, so it’s the middle of the night, I can’t sleep because I have a cold. I’ve not done any of the things I wanted to do this week. It truly sucks ass and could easily be one of the worst holidays ever. I’ve been in bed for 2.5 days now and I’m not much better – 4.5 days if you count the weekend but that was because I went out on Friday :).

But, rather than moan and get down about it, I’ve decided to write a list of all the positive things to having a cold while on holiday.

1) I can lie in my giant, warm bed working my way through every episode of Friends without feeling guilty or like I should be doing something better.

2) I don’t have to justify to anyone why I spent my whole week off doing the above.

3) I feel hot and cold at the same time – it’s strangely pleasant.

4) I keep hallucinating, which is amusing. I saw an advert for Nationwide whilst watching the England game that said ‘proud sponsors of the England Team’. I misread that as ‘proud sponsors of the England Netball Team’ and laughed at how stupid they were…

5) I have absolutely no desire to venture outside where I would get cold and wet.

6) I don’t have to go outside for food / tissues / necessities – people bring them to me 🙂

7) I don’t feel guilty about work paying for me to be off sick.

8) I don’t have to go the gym and I can eat whatever I want.

9) I can’t smell the fridge anymore.

10) It is acceptable to wear tracksuit bottoms and a giant tshirt with no makeup for the whole week.

11) I’ve done the majority of my Christmas shopping online and it’s not even December yet.

12) I won £7 playing instant win games on the National Lottery site (then lost £5 but I feel good about it).

13) I finished my IPA course – ok, that’s naughty while I’m on holiday but so what.

14) I think I’m losing my voice – it’s funny trying to talk to people on the phone with no voice and is particularly good if you want extra sympathy, not that I do.

15) I have an extra blog post now. A-woo-hoo to me.

Wow, that has worked. I feel much better. Sleepy time. x


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