I’m an angry Blogger user

I’m shocked at how many basic usability problems there are with Blogger. First, call me naive, but I wasn’t aware that Blogger was part of Google. So, on receiving an email from Google Accounts asking me to confirm I had opened a Google Account, I swiftly moved it to my spam folder. On returning to my blog later that day, I noticed an alert telling me I had not verified my account via the email I should now have received. Now I’m confused for two reasons. 1 – why would I verify my account when I am already using it and 2 – where was my email from Blogger? I requested a new email and it all became clear…

Secondly, I’m still unsure as to what I should call my blog, what the URL should be and whether I should write as myself or as an anonymous user. I won’t get into my musings around these points (it’s boring and the web is littered with plenty of similar thought streams) but I decided that rather than using an anonymous nickname, I want to use my real name. Where do I change how my name appears? What do I click on? Settings? Posting? My Account? No, no..you click on Dashboard of course. Now don’t I feel the stupid one.

Having said that, Blogger does automatically save my post before I publish it so when my computer randomly reboots because it hates me, I’m returned to what I was writing. Sweet.

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